Thursday, March 24, 2016

My last weeks friday 5.

Sorry for this super late post. Life has!

1. For my final project I am making a website that would begin to explore Philadelphia's Black History. I would like to make the site k-8 friendly and for the to be some interaction, and space for future exploration. I have some website making skills, and was given a few places to look into from Christina, but any info you guys might have around web platforms, or ways to make it easier for the k-2 groups would help!

2. For the last 3 years or so I've worked in the Kenstington section of the city. I can say, after being in a few different parts of Philly, Kensington is truly something special. Iv'e experienced so much in just a 6 black radius that its crazy! I have a project in which I have to describe the community, its struggles, and the schools. I am actually looking forward to completing this project, and I have some eager students willing to let me use their stories....students helping teachers! I told them we could have a view and discuss session about it once I am done.

3. I attended another TAG Philly meeting around my topic, the black history curricula, and saw the below picture:

There is so much that could be said, and not said just by taking in this information, and it reminds me again why this is something I am so passionate about. Just by looking at this picture, the 'Black Experience' is 176 years of slavery and struggle, with only 50 years of what one would call freedom. Did you also know that we were never compensated in anyway for this struggle? Something to think about.....

4. This is unrelated to education, but is related to connectivity...I 've been working on my cooking skills and found a recipe through pinterest for butternut squash soup in a slow cooker. I made it, with some tweeks, and it came out awesome!! Because of my newfound success, and lack of time i will now be trying this slow cooker recipe for whole roasted chicken. I also found a youtube channel as well as a few cooking shows to watch. This will be the year that my cooking skills came up!

5. Right as I was about to post this I saw this winning doodle posted on google by Akilah Johnson. Reading about  this young lady's upbringing in the afrocentric lifestyle, and her appreciation of heritage is exactly what I needed to see to stay encouraged. Except for the comments at the bottom of the article.

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