Thursday, March 31, 2016

Happi's Friday 5-Inquiry Based.

1. I really enjoyed the reading last week on the Alt School. It was inspiring, to see how personalized we truly can make education to the students every though. However, its very alarming given what can happen with identity theft, an advertising. If we could separate our education system from profit and competition i could see this working beautifully. However since it is often one and the same I will be watching to see how this school continues ver the next couple of years.

2. So for my final make I am revising a lesson based off a textbook lesson. I am looking to make this lesson more k-8 friendly, inclusive, and relevant to the now. The one thing I am noticing while reading through the unit is the importance of words, and where they are placed. For example when talking about the migration of Europeans and Asians it says, 'and the migration of the african people'.  Free travel, and slavery are completely different and I am having a problem with the two being grouped together. I see that I will have to spend some time picking out the language for this project.

3.Related to what I am searching I found this youtube channel that makes videos on bullying, historical figures and more. I watched a few, and thought they would be good for elementary students.

4.This week I had a reflection assignment around the idea of teachers being everyday activist and for us to think about the kind of activist we want to be. I am liking the overlap between my courses this semester. Its allowing me to stay on the same wave-length in thinking about where I want to be and who I want to be when I grow up, lol. Its also helping me to narrow where I want to 'make change'. I am realizing that I am very interested in who writes the curricula, where they get their information from, and who gets to be a part of the story. I am sure, without having to look up any numbers, that the voices of non-dominant people like myself are small, hence where i feel i can make the most impact.

5. Thank you for posting about Minecraft Kindergarten Cop, as half of my students in afterschool are obsessed with this game, and I have now found a new way to connect with, and use what they like in our learning. I also like finding new things to master and beat my students in....I was THAT older sister, lol.

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