Friday, January 29, 2016

About Me.

Hi everyone. I'm Shayla Amenra. A born and raised Brown Philly wife, mother, and educator. I just welcomed a baby girl into the world in March, and decided now was the time to become a new mother, and graduate student. I am completing my degree in Curriculum Studies, and pray to be done in the fall!

I've worked all over the education field, and with all types of students. It has made me realize that I can not be inside of a classroom. The change I want to see requires me to be involved in the development process...

Aside from school I also have a small accessories business, HAPPIMADE. I hand-make gemstone jewelry, as well as home items. I have a shop on Etsy HAPPIMADE

I am looking forward to this class, this is something totally new for me and I am actually excited....and scared.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lately I have come to realize that no matter how much I try, for the life I me I can never be a quite participant in anything I'm involved in. There has always been something inside of me that has to be heard. Its like a sickness sometimes. It comes from my life as a person of color living in what I consider to be very unsettling times for people like me.

The idea of connected learning and equity makes me feel very pessimistic. Maybe it could be because I am still trying to grasp this idea of connected learning. Or maybe it could be because the word equity to me is something that is intangible, like the treasure at the end of the rainbow, or untouchable like the mob. Many have fought, battled and died trying to make this world a more equitable place, yet the systems of oppression remain. This is why it is hard for me to think about connected learning and equity in the same sentence.  Nothing in this society is based on equality, and until those who are in power relinquish the lion-share in favor of everyone i feel we can never have a true conversation. It could also be because I know that all voices aren't equal, and many don't even believe they have a voice...

As I read what I have just written, I realize how pessimistic, worst case scenario, doomsday I sound. Its based on how i was socialized, i guess. I am hoping as i learn more about the idea of connected learning, and its impact for people like me, i will become more less pessimistic.